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aka professional hype woman on a mission to help modern women become magnetic, wealthy and free AF by using the power of subconscious reprogramming, astrology, human design or, as I like to call it pragmatic mysticism [woodo method]

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I fiercely believe that everybody deserves to be obsessed with their life. I know that everybody has the ability to make that life happen! And that's exactly why I founded The WooDo Method–to help as many women as possible audaciously take up space + create a life you're obsessed with!

Here's how we're making that happen for you, too <3

The WooDo Method

A Course In Having The Audacity To Go For It, Hunny!

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Video modules breaking down the WooDo Method 

Growing resource library with printable, audio + video tools 

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Revenge Glow Up

An All-Killer-No-Filler Course In Turning Shit Into Gold!

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Resource library filled with tapping videos, hypnosis recordings + practical tools that will have them eating their hearts out

Video lessons on topics like leveraging feelings like anger + spite to fuel positive transformation, becoming a boundary queen, and more

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Spark Sessions

90-Minute exploration of your Human Design + creating an action plan to set the wheel in motion toward your #1 goal

Hyper-focused 1:1 video session with me 

Experience The WooDo Method  

** Add this session to The WooDo Method or Revenge Glow Up to go even deeper 

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Why Choose HK Coaching?

  • Powerful blend of Human Design, subconscious reprogramming + inspired action

  •  It truly hits all the facets of our human experience

  •  It's a no-fluff zone; to the point, with no messing around

  •  It's a simple approach yet completely personalized to each individual

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Meet Heather, your woodo bestie

Hey, hi, hello! Thank you so much for joining me in this little corner of the internet. In September 2020, I decided to close the door on my corporate marketing career and bet everything on me. This came from spending over a decade of pouring my blood, sweat and tears (literally) into every project and company I worked for. HK Coaching is born from my need to help women audaciously take up space, reclaim their power and create the life they've only dared to dream about. The WooDo Method came from YEARS of my own trial and error, investing in certifications and courses, endless hours of reading and educating myself. It's the thing I am most proud of: a process that is completely adaptable to you, no matter what stage of life you're in. And it's a total rinse-and-repeat approach. Simple. Effect. Efficient as hell. 

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HK Coaching is designed to be a powerful resource for strong, independent women creating their best life. Whether that's you right now or you're just beginning your journey to become her. 

Here's what my clients have to say <3

Heather is a positive light to my life, but is also the one who will "call you out" per see in a way to help you recognize a different perspective or meaning to a sometimes difficult situation. Not only is she a great coach, she easily become your new BFF

I am so grateful for Heather! Truly, I wouldn't be where I am in my life or business without her. I would have folded and not followed through. Thank you, HK!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

To this day, if I’m ever struggling in my work, she is my go-to person to text or call to help me break it down. If you’re deciding to work with Heather, you’ve made a really great choice because you are about to a hell of a lot more LIT in your life!


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